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Health, Safety & Environment Test Only

Necessary to work in construction, to prove that you have the required safety skills.

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The CSCS skill cards show your qualifications, skills, and health & safety pass.

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CSCS Practice Test

Find out more about CSCS mock tests, CSCS practice tests and CSCS revision material in general. We do all we can to help you pass. CSCS Practice Test will go on to almost guarantee that you are going to pass your CSCS test. It would be such a pity for you to have made the effort to appear for the test, wasted the time and effort and the money that is involved and then to fail it. Also, it is mandatory for you to pass the CSCS exam in order to be able to get the coveted CSCS card.

Therefore, it is certainly a good idea to tap into all the revision and practice material that is available. Doing this will certainly hold you in good stead for the test as this material is tried and tested and is known to have helped thousands of applicants pass their test. It is the kind of material that has been thoroughly researched before being put together. This means that the material that you buy in the form of a book or a DVD ROM will have it all right from the most informative topics that have been covered in great depth to the most exhaustive list of possible questions that can come your way along with the answers for them. You can go ahead and practice these mock tests as many times as you want to before it is time for the real test. These CSCS Practice Test materials go on to give you the right kind of simulation so as to enable you to pass the test without too much trouble.

Practice at home with CSCS revision material

The good thing about CSCS revision material is that it includes everything in one place, including CSCS mock tests and CSCS practice tests. This ensures that you don't have to waste time looking for different things and trying to find them in different places. Without wasting time you will get all that you need in these books and DVDs. Also, they are so made that they address the different styles of learning in order to be more effective. The material has been put together in the most comprehensive and systematic of ways. This will ensure that you are able to remember and retain more, with less time and effort put in. This makes it a perfect of ways to ensure that you do know exactly what to expect on the day of the test.

People who have practiced with the help of the mock CSCS tests and practice CSCS tests have a very significantly higher pass rate then those who have not. This can be the case with you as well. Do not leave it to chance and take your test without taking a CSCS Practise Test first. Rather, what you do need to do is to go ahead and make the best of the materials and get the score that you deserve.

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CSCS Card Information
Trainee (Red CSCS Card)
This card is for trainee's who are registered for an NVQ/SVQ Level 1 (or Construction Award) and have passed the Health, Safety & Environment Test.
Graduate (Red CSCS Card)
This card is for graduates of a nationally recognised construction-related qualification. You will be required to complete the Managerial and Professional(MAP) Health, Safety & Environment Test.
Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager (Red CSCS Card)
This card is for Supervisors and Managers with on the job experience, are currently studying an NVQ/SVQ and have passed the Health, Safety & Environment Test.
Experienced Worker (Red CSCS Card)
This card is valid for one year and proves that you have on the job experience, as well as having passed the Health, Safety & Environment Test but don't have a NVQ/SVQ.
Construction Site Operative (Green CSCS Card)
This card is for workers with basic site skills (e.g. Labourers), and have a NVQ Level 1 or an employer's recommendation of competence.
Craft (Blue CSCS Card)
This card is for achievers of NVQ/SVQ Level 2 or have completed an apprenticeship which includes a City and Guilds Craft Certificate.
Advanced Craft/Supervisory (Gold CSCS Card)
The Gold card is available if you have passed an NVQ/SVQ Level 3, if you have completed an indentured apprenticeship (eg. NJCBI, BATJIC), or after completion of an apprenticeship which includes a City and Guilds Advanced Craft Certificate.
Management (Black CSCS Card)
Application for the Manager card requires an NVQ/SVQ Level 4 or 5 as well as passing the Managerial and Professional (MAP) Health, Safety & Environment Test.
Professionally Qualified Person (White/Yellow CSCS Card)
To apply for the PQP card you need to be a member of a CSCS approved body (eg. ICE, CIOB, RICS) and have passed the Managerial and Professional (MAP) Health, Safety & Environment Test.
Visitor (no construction skills) (Yellow CSCS Card)
The yellow card is for visitors to construction sites but have no construction skills. All that is needed is a pass of the Health, Safety & Environment Test.
Construction Related Occupation (White/Grey CSCS Card)
This card is for any construction occupations that are not covered by the other cards and requires a Health, Safety & Environment Test pass before application.